Tips and Tricks #9

Which way should I lean? Lean over the foot you are standing on: This should be applied when learning how to roll. When a skater becomes very comfortable and wants to challenge him or herself with skating on one foot for an extended amount of time, this is the key to it! If you want […]

Tips and Tricks #8

What in the world is ‘and’ position? Bringing your feet close together after pushing: This is formally referred to as an ‘and’ position, but you can simply think about it any way you want to –as long as you do it. Many falls result from people’s legs getting way too far apart for them to […]

Tips and Tricks #7

Speaking of gaining speed, it is important to use both legs while you skate. Skate using both legs: Nearly all skaters have one leg they prefer to skate on, while another feels slightly awkward to use. This is normal, but it is important to use both legs to push. Aside from looking a little silly, by […]

Tips and Tricks #6

Now it is time to learn how to gain speed by pushing. To gain speed: The easier it gets to roll, the more speed you will want to gain. There are a few tricks to do so. The first is mainly to keep your upper body still. As a reminder, your skates are on your feet, […]

Tips and Tricks #5

Roller Skating takes practice, but soon after you get used to the feeling of having wheels on your feet and falling, it is time to learn how to maneuver by skating edges. Edging by pressing different parts of your skates: When your foot is perfectly flat in a skate, you roll straight. If you have ever […]