Skating Backwards

            Skating backwards becomes the goal of many skaters once they are comfortable rolling forward. With these helpful pointers, we hope to get you grooving backwards in no time!             Once you have mastered rolling forwards, take gradual steps in learning to skate backwards. It seems more challenging than it actually is, we promise! One […]

How to Roll

In previous entries, we have discussed knee bend, and pushing from skate to skate –now what we would like to do is devote an entry to just learning how to roll. If you have never strapped on a pair of skates before, it is a completely different feeling than simply walking around in your street […]

Shoot the Duck

We are back with some more tips and tricks to make any experience on wheels a surely enjoyable one! In this entry, we will be reviewing a classic move –the Shoot the Duck. While the Shoot the Duck is a well-known favorite at the roller rink, learning it can be a little tricky. But once […]


We have all heard the somewhat overused phrase: “new year, new me”. It is usually regarded with a grain of salt. While resolutions can be important and exciting, why not make more of it –a New Year’s routine perhaps? Rolladium Family Fun Center is not only family owned –but family oriented. Countless customers have approached […]

New Year Reflections

Hello 2018! Around this annual close to the current year, we often think about new beginnings and resolutions for the upcoming year. Yet, it is also a time of reflection; we think back on our lives during this holiday season remembering precious moments spent with friends and family. Family owned and operated since our opening, […]