Skating Backwards

Skating backwards becomes the goal of many skaters once they are comfortable rolling forward. With these helpful pointers, we hope to get you moving comfortably backwards in no time!

Once you have mastered rolling forwards, take gradual steps in learning to skate backwards. It seems more challenging than it actually is, we promise! One of the first steps we recommend taking is using the wall to assist with your learning. Start with both feet facing parallel to the wall, with one hand resting on the wall for support, and the other out freely for balance. Now, turn your toes together slightly, in a way that makes an upside-down V shape.

Next, with the hand that rests on the wall, give yourself a slight push backwards while bending your knees and feeling some pressure over your toes. See if you can get your wheels to roll, without letting your skates get too far apart. Often, it may be requested at rinks that backwards skaters do so in the middle of the floor so as not to run into other skaters. As soon as you feel comfortable with your exercise at the wall, you may want to step into the center of the floor to try out backwards skating on your own.

If you already feel comfortable rolling backwards and would simply like to improve your skills, we have a few tips for you too! The first is to make sure you bend your knees and maintain a very slight pressure forward. Pressure toward the front of your skate acts to balance out the fact that you are moving backwards–if your weight is too far back towards your heels, you may end up falling backwards. Also, be sure to stand tall and keep your back straight as much as you can. The closer you get to your normal walking posture, the better!

Also, be sure to not allow too much motion in your arms. Keeping them still and out to the side works to improve balance and control of your skates.

There you have it. Keep practicing and you will soon be a backwards skating pro!