Shoot the Duck

We are back with some more tips and tricks to make any experience on wheels a surely enjoyable one! In this entry, we will be reviewing a classic move–the Shoot the Duck. While the Shoot the Duck is a well-known favorite at the roller rink, learning it can be a little tricky. But once skaters have it down, it is a certain way to maximize your fun and test your balancing skills.

In short, the Shoot the Duck is a trick where skaters bend all the way down on one foot while rolling, and hold the other completely forward. When we say all the way down, we mean ALL the way. Ideally, one’s glutes will be in line with the skate that is on the floor. Not to worry, practicing this move is fairly safe. Let’s break the Shoot the Duck down step-by-step.

Step One:

Squat all the way down (with both feet on the floor) by bending both knees and reaching your arms forward. You will want to lean as far forward as possible to evenly distribute your weight (since your bottom is low, the tendency will be to lean backward, typically resulting in a fall).

Step Two:

When comfortably rolling, lean your head slightly over the foot you plan to stand on while lifting the other leg forward. The leg should not be lifted high, it should come right in line with your hip. Skaters may find it helpful to hold onto the lifted leg to assist with balance.

Step Three:

When you are ready to stand up, bring your leg back under you so you are back to the original squatting position described in the first step. Then, reach forward with your arms and stand up. As your Shoot the Duck improves, the quicker you will be able to stand coming out of the move.

And that’s all there is to it! The more comfortable you become with the Shoot the Duck, the faster you may want to skate going into it. The speed will also assist with balance. How long can you roll for?